About Vervo

We are always looking for new challenges.

Vervo Sp. z o.o. was established in 1999. The origins of our company are related to Mattei industrial compressors distribution. As our customers’ demands developed, our offer systematically expanded to include new products, solutions and services. In result, we nowadays not only distribute air production and treatment equipment, but also provide complete solutions for production processes that use compressed air, vacuum and low-pressure air. We are a distributor for important European brands.

Our aim is to combine our expert knowledge, practical experience and wide product range to offer our customers the best possible support in achieving their technical aims - as we have been doing for the last 20 years.

As a growing company we at VERVO are constantly looking for new, innovative products to widen our offer of energy-saving, efficient and safe solutions.


Vervo specializes in:

  • compressed air production and treatment technologies
  • high-tech management control systems for compressors, compressed air systems and pipelines
  • measurement technology to reduce operational costs of compressed air systems and compressed air based production lines
  • compressed air blow-off technology
  • low-pressure blow-off technology
  • vacuum technology
  • work safety in working areas using compressed air
  • work-stand ergonomics enhancement

Vervo solutions are:

  • reducing costs of production of compressed air
  • reducing the amount of compressed air used in industrial processes
  • reducing costs of compressed air used in industrial processes
  • increasing process efficiency
  • increasing production safety through management systems controlling compressed air based production lines
  • increasing safety of work with compressed air
  • decreasing noise level in processes using compressed air


We are not a reseller only –we do our best to give our customers the optimal technical support. Using their expert technical knowledge in compressed air field as well as awareness of industrial process our technical consultants will tailor solutions to our customers’ individual needs.

If you are interested to establish cooperation with Vervo on the Polish market please do not hesitate to contact us.